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WP Edit Pro Version 4.4

WP Edit Pro Version 4.4

This version of the plugin brings along a few fixes for network administration; the custom fonts and custom styles options; an updated File Manager; and a few other tweaks and miscellaneous fixes.

Network Administration

There were a few little bugs when the plugin was network activated. Mainly, the custom styles and custom fonts were not pulling from the proper directories. The Snidgets options have also been tweaked to be more network friendly.

File Manager

The file manager plugin has been udpated to version 9.10.2. The update will come separately (if the file manager plugin is active). The new WordPress version of the File Manager plugin is 3.3

Removed Items

The classes and ids options have been removed temporarily. There was a major javscript issue; and will require further development. All applied styles from using the classes and ids will still display properly.

The admin bar links (which link to the various WP Edit Pro settings pages) have been removed.

New Help Desk

Due to constant excessive spam in the WP Edit Pro support forum, we have opted to move to a ticketing system. Users can create support tickets and communicate via email, or an online web portal.

Please visit the WP Edit Pro Help Desk anytime to create or check on a ticket.

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