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WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.2

WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.2

Another maintenance release fixing two issues; the “Advanced Insert/Edit Link” button, and the “Image Map” button.

Advanced Insert/Edit Link Button

There was an ajax function that did not make it into version 4.4 of WP Edit Pro. This caused the “link to additional content” from the advanced insert/edit link button to not populate any content.

The function was added back into the new code, and the button now works as expected again.

Image Map Button

The image map button is “growing old”. The code used was originally written for Tinymce version 3.0 (about seven years old). When WordPress made the upgrade from Tinymce 3.0 to Tinymce 4.0 (beginning in WordPress 4.0), the image map button needed to be revised.

Now, in WordPress 4.6, it broke again. The entire Image Map code is running on deprecated hooks and filters. Although it is now working again; it is a bit “unstable”. Meaning, this button is going to need to be completely recoded at some point in the near future.

However; all image maps created with the button will still work properly. When an image map is created; the code for rendering the image maps is saved into the post or page data (then into the database). So, even if WP Edit Pro is deactivated (or if the image map button is removed); all previously created image maps will still render properly.

New Help Desk

About two weeks ago, we made the transition from a support forum to a help desk. The new help desk is much more organized, personable, and you can even reply to tickets you create via email (or an online portal).

If anyone has any suggestions, feedback, or constructive criticism… I would love to hear from you. Please visit the WP Edit Pro Help Desk today!

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