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WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.1

WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.1

This is a maintenance release mostly supporting backwards compatibility for both WordPress and the PHP version used on the server.

WordPress Backwards Compatibility

Beginning in WordPress 4.6.0 the use of the wp_get_sites() function is deprecated. Newer WordPress versions make use of the get_sites() function. Some users on older versions of WordPress had trouble with the usage of the newer function.

Backwards compatibility was added to work with any WordPress version. However, it is always recommended to update to the current version of WordPress.

PHP Backwards Compatibility

A function was added in this version of WP Edit Pro to sort custom styles alphabetically in the “Formats” dropdown menu. The function is only available in PHP versions 5.3 and above.

Anyone using PHP versions less than 5.3 were experiencing issues with additional editors loading. Again, backwards compatibility has been added to support older versions of PHP.

About Tab

Under the about tab; two new fields have been added to explicitly state if the plugin is network activated or activated on a subsite that is part of a network. Please reference this information when submitting a support ticket.

Plugin Code Cleanup

One of the functions used by the plugin checked if the upload directories (where additional user-created WP Edit Pro files are stored) had been created; and if not, it created them. This function was hooked to the admin_init() hook. Meaning, this upload directory check was running every time the admin page was loaded.

This function has been moved to the plugin_activate() hook. Now, the upload directory check will only occur when the plugin is activated.

Image Map File

A javascript file was overlooked and not included with the plugin. Some users may have seen a 404 error in regards to an image map file when loading pages. The file has been added back to the plugin; and the error is gone.

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