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WP Edit Pro Version 4.3

WP Edit Pro Version 4.3

This version release is a combination of miscellaneous additions and updates. There are a couple bug-fixes; and one “hidden” task where all tinymce button addon languages are being added to the main plugin translation (more on this later).

Plugin Additions

Just a couple of new plugin additions.

jQuery Alerts

While working on another project, I came across a very nice alert/confirm plugin. It is easy to work with (programmatically), and looks great on web pages. I will continue using this new plugin throughout WP Edit Pro for all alert and confirm messages.


Disable wpautop

Additional functionality has been added to the settings page for the option to disable the wpautop filter; allowing mass applying (or removing) the filter from all posts or pages.


Disable WP Edit Pro Editor

Per a request on the free version forums; an option has been added to remove the WP Edit Pro enhanced editor from posts or pages, independently. If desired; WP Edit Pro can be disabled for all posts and/or all pages; resulting in the standard WordPress editor being loaded.


Plugin Updates

A few plugin updates to keep things on the up-and-up.

Updated Google Fonts

A couple users have reported receiving errors on the “Fonts” tab (namely, the Google fonts option). The code calling the Google Fonts API has been modified. Please report any continued errors.

Deprecated Function

One thing I love about WordPress are the developer notices when a function is deprecated (no longer supported in the API). Two deprecated functions have been replaced with their newer counterparts.

File Manager

The file manager code was updated to version 9.9.7. A bug fix was also applied to the WP Edit Pro “Bonus” tab; for installing the File Manger plugin. The File Manger plugin update will be released in a few days. There are still a few other items I wish to address before releasing the File Manager update.


Just a couple small bug fixes:

  • Fixed snidget script loading on all admin pages (when snidgets are enabled); to only load on editor pages where snidgets can be used.
  • Fixed stylesheet regeneration when a custom font is deleted (prevents console warning when CSS tries to load a deleted custom font).

Convert Options

The “Convert Options” button on the Database tab has been changed. It NO LONGER converts options from the older WP Edit Pro to the newer WP Edit Pro. Everyone should have had the opportunity to convert options by now.

Instead, the button now converts options from the free version of WP Edit; to the pro version. This will allow new users of WP Edit Pro to convert options which were being used prior on the free version.

Tinymce Translations

This will be a task which is slowly implemented over multiple plugin releases. I have decided to add ALL WP Edit Pro Tinymce buttons to the language localization used by WP Edit Pro; allowing plugin translators to fully translate WP Edit Pro.

WP Edit Pro contains over 20 new buttons. Each of these buttons were coded in English (without localization). The code must be updated for each of these plugins. I anticipate this task will take a couple months to complete; and will be added to plugin code as completed. The code will sit silently in the background of the plugin until complete.

Tinymce Plugins

Most of the buttons for WP Edit Pro use a tinymce plugin for displaying the window and performing the operations. These windows are ran is iframes on the editor page (when a button is clicked). Some of the buttons require WordPress functions (and jQuery) to perform the operations.

In the past; I have called jQuery from each tinymce plugin. This is a potential problem. As time goes by, jQuery versions are updated. If the path to a specific version of jQuery is hard-coded in the tinymce button; then it will become outdated eventually.

Hence, all tinymce plguins which rely on WordPress functions now load the “wp-load.php” file. Many may disagree with calling “wp-load” (as there are better methods)… but in the circumstance of a tinymce plugin that uses an external window (not hooked to WordPress), there is simply no other solution. Please report back if any tinymce buttons/plugins fail to load properly.

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