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WP Edit Pro Version 4.2

WP Edit Pro Version 4.2

This release brings along some important fixes, as well as a few new options.

Custom Fonts

After much testing and ensuring system security is maintained, I am proud to bring back an updated version of Custom Fonts.

In this version; maximum browser compatibility is encouraged by displaying handy messages to the user if all font types are not uploaded. Additionally, Font Squirrel can be used to convert and generate all necessary font types, from a single .ttf or .otf font.

This makes it truly easy to use custom fonts both on your website and inside the content editor. A detailed tutorial fill follow shortly on the WP Edit Pro Knowledge Base.




Added Flickr Image Search

Since the Google Images API is now deprecated (Read more here…), I was forced to find another solution for web image searching and editor insertion.

Most of the options are now paid services (Google, Yahoo, Bing), limiting daily search queries to around 100 on their free API’s. While this might be okay for a single user; it is just not practical for the masses. Instead, I decided to use the Flickr Image API.

With Flickr, you may submit unlimited search queries. The results are nicely paginated, and each image may be previewed before being inserted into the editor.


Disable WPautoP

The functions used for helping to retain p and br tags, and prevent stripping of html tags when saving or switching editor views; has been fixed and added back into the plugin.

Remember, the option to disable wpautop is a global option. Once set, you can then toggle each post/page. Also, you can set which post types have the option available to disable the wpautop filter.



Profile Biography Section

A few users have reported issues when using the editor on the profile description section. I believe the issue is the profile section is a common page that other plugins/themes may customize. Since WP Edit Pro uses a copy/replace method on the profile biography section, the javscript can become “wonky” if other changes are being made to the page.

This update uses a different approach to the profile editor. Still based in jquery; but doesn’t rely on the position of other page elements.


Other Fixes and Updates

Just a few other things worth nothing:

  • Fixed Feedblitz url on https websites.
  • Fixed upload directory creation (for custom fonts and style sheets); so now only loads on admin pages.
  • Fixed custom styles when saving a name with an apostrophe in the title.
  • Fixed incompatibility issue between WP Edit Pro, Revolution Slider, and WPML.
  • Updated QR Widget to maintain PHP 7 class structure integrity.
  • Updated plugin language localization. An incorrect file made translations impossible. This is now fixed.


That’s it for this release. Quite a few bugs squashed; and also brought back some much needed/deserved options.

Please feel free to leave any feedback on the WP Edit Pro Support Forum.

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