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WP Edit Pro Version 4.1

WP Edit Pro Version 4.1

A new version of WP Edit Pro was released today.

SignOff Option

SignOff has been updated to allow shortcodes to be used when creating a block of HTML. Prior to Version 4.1, shortcodes did not work inside the signoff editor. Now, any shortcodes used inside the signoff content editor will render properly in the final page output when the signoff shortcode is used.


  • Text sanitization was added to the input fields on the WP Edit Pro license page.

Bug Fixes

  • License Page fields are now saved with all lower-case; and with white space removed. This should help on activations with languages other than English; where the space can be replaced with strange characters.
  • Fixed mkdir() (make directory) error when using File Manager.
  • Fixed Advanced Link button title attribute.
  • Removed http link from external source (mixed content with https sites).
  • Added script version number to comment-reply.js; and moved it from loading in header to loading in footer.
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