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WP Edit Pro Version 4.1.2

WP Edit Pro Version 4.1.2

The main purpose of this release is to tone down the product licensing system. Moving forward; only the transaction ID will be required when interacting with the WP Edit Pro license activation page.

License Activation

The license email and license key fields have been removed from the license activation page. This should not affect current activations. The license key and license email values will simply be ignored.

Since only the transaction ID is used on the licensing page; the input field is now readable, meaning the transaction ID will display it’s value rather than black dots.

Network Activation Bug

There was a bug where the plugin would show network values if the plugin had been network activated; even if the plugin was now used on a sub-site. Meaning if values existed in the network activation; they were always used. This has been fixed.

Advanced Numbered List and Bulleted List

Per request; the advanced bullets and numbers lists has been added to the plugin. Please save the buttons options to display the two new buttons.

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