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WP Edit Pro Version 4.0 Pre-Release

WP Edit Pr 4.0 Soon to be Released

Testers Needed!!  Please scroll down for more information.

WP Edit Pro 4.0 is scheduled to be released in the next couple of days. This release takes the old WP Edit Pro; and injects a completely new user experience.

The older WP Edit Pro had a few issues with network administration. This has been updated in the new WP Edit Pro. When network activated; the super admin can “switch” between subsites to administer their settings individually.

Also, most of the functions, hooks and filters have been moved into a single plugin class. This will help tremendously with loading times, and also allow custom filters to be added; changing the functionality of some of the options.

New Features

So what to expect from WP Edit Pro 4.0?

  • Updated network administration to allow independent subsite administration (each subsite can have different options).
  • Code improvements. WP Edit Pro 4.0 uses a Singleton class for most all functions.
  • Newly updated administration mode.
    • When switching between different subsite options; those options are stored to the corresponding subsite.
    • When users are on that subsite; they use the independent subsite options.
  • New mode for administering button arrangements.
    • Create different button arrangements by user role.
    • Create different button arrangements by user capability.
    • Create different button arrangements for each user.
  • This new button administration system gives complete control over which users have access to which buttons.
  • Options are now stored in a single option entry; which expedites the loading and execution of the plugin.
    • Options will need to be converted to the new option array. Users will be prompted to convert their options.

Removed Options

Two options have been removed from WP Edit Pro 4.0.

    1. PHP Widgets – This option introduces a potential security risk whereby a user could insert malicious code into the system.
    2. Disable wpautop – With the update to WordPress 4.3; the wpautop filter is no longer used. More below…

Disable wpatuop

The php function used by WordPress to prevent the removal of p and br tags, wpautop, has been deprecated. WordPress now uses a javascript function to process the editor contents during a save or when switching editor views (visual and text).

I will be working diligently to provide an improved solution. The original function to disable the wpautop filter was hackish as best, anyways. A very immediate future update of WP Edit Pro will include an improved system for handling p and br tags.

Testers Needed!!!

Do you like what you hear so far? If so, I could definitely use your help!! This update is a major revision to WP Edit Pro. With over 20,000 lines of code, a bug is going to inevitably slip through. Your help in squashing these bugs prior to public release would be most appreciated.

Please contact me using the form on this site; and I will send the beta version along with instructions.

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