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WP Edit Pro Version 3.7

WP Edit Pro Version 3.7

WP Edit Pro version 3.7 is being released June 16th, 2015. This update fixes one small bug; enhances a few of the popup dialogs; and brings about two new features.

WP Edit Pro Styles & Scripts

This update contains the Styles and Scripts features. These features will allow the user to insert global CSS and JS; and/or individual page CSS and JS. The features are intended to allow an easy method to add custom CSS or JS where needed.

Please read the full article on WP Edit Pro Styles and Scripts from our Knowledge Base.

Custom Post Type Excerpts

Another new feature is the added ability to use the WP Edit Pro buttons configuration on custom post type excerpts. There has always been the option to add WP Edit Pro to the excerpts of posts and pages; but now custom post types are also supported.

The new option can be found on the “General” tab; under “Excerpts”.


The rest of the changes are small; and do not affect user experience. Please read the changelog for a full list of changes to this version.

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