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WP Edit Pro Version 3.6

WP Edit Pro Version 3.6

YouTube Update

In this release; we say goodbye to the old YouTube button (it served us well)… and introduce a brand new YouTube button.

The developers API was updated by YouTube; and crashed all applications still using the older API (apologies for any inconveniences).

The button has been completed updated. It still resembles the older button in terms of usage, but it also has a couple of new features. To learn more about the new YouTube button, be sure to read the associated Knowledge Base YouTube Button article.

DropBox Integration

Also new in this version is a button which integrates with DropBox. DropBox files can be browsed and inserted directly into the content editor.

Using DropBox requires an App key. It’s free; and easy to obtain. Full instructions (with pictures) can be found on the Knowledge Base DropBox App page.

Coding Enhancements

The rest of the changes have to do with coding modifications.

  • Optimized code to use the Singleton Class pattern; which is becoming more and more widespread with WordPress developers.
  • Cleared a loop memory leak; where multiple instances of the plugin were being created (thanks Singleton Pattern!).
  • Fixed a cookie issue where the user would be logged out of the site repetitively.
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