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WP Edit Pro Version 3.2

Version 3.2 of WP Edit Pro will be released today, March 15, 2015.

WP Pointer

A WP Pointer has been added to the post/page editor screen. The notice will inform new users of the Toggle Toolbar button.

Simply clicking the button to dismiss the pointer will hide it, permanently.

Column Sizes Shortcode

The column shortcodes button was missing a few column layouts. These have been added.

Editor Custom Fonts

A new section has been added to the “Fonts” tab; which allows uploading of custom fonts. These fonts will then appear in the “Font Select” editor dropdown box.

Fonts will also be rendered properly both inside the content editor; and on the front-end of the website.

Fonts should have .otf, .ttf, .woff or .woff2 file extensions.

Removed Editor Font Size Selection

Prior to this new release; there was an option under the “Editor” tab; which allowed selection between “pt” or “px” font sizes.

This has been completely removed; and replaced with a radio selection where the user can select between “pt”, “px”, “em” or “%”.

Font Size Input Field

An input field has also been added where the font size selections can be defined.

For example, if “px” is chosen as the desired font size type; the user can also define “12px,14px,16px” as available sizes; and only these sizes will be available in the editor.

Set and Unset wpautop

Since all posts/pages and custom post types include a checkbox for disabling the wpautop filter; new buttons have been added to check or uncheck all posts/pages and custom post types with a single click.

License Expiration Notice

This notice will be shown when plugin updates have expired. The notice will be suppressed if a license extension is found.

The notice can be clicked to be dismissed permanently.

Profile Description Editor

The code for the profile description editor has been updated.

Updated Mailto Button

The mailto editor button has been updated to include other options such as “CC”, “BCC”, “To” and “Subject”.

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