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WP Edit Pro Version 3.1

We have some exciting new features in this version of WP Edit Pro:

  • Roles can now be administered using WordPress Roles, or Custom Roles.
  • The rich text editor can now be added to the front-end comment area (works with replies too!).
  • A new button for inserting HTML tags.
  • Image maps are now responsive.
  • File Manager bonus plugin updated.

User Roles

The method used for administering buttons can now be selected.
The two options include Custom Roles and WordPress roles.

This option can be found on the WP Edit Pro settings page (Global Tab).

Custom Roles

This option will allow creation of multiple editors.
These editors (roles) can then be assigned to individual users by using a plugin such as User Role Manager.

WordPress Roles

This option will enable an editor for each available WordPress role.
Each users role will use the corresponding editor buttons.

Comment Editor

I am proud to announce I now have the rich text editor working in the front-end comment area.
The final hurdle was keeping a working editor when a comment reply was canceled.
Finally, we have a nice user-friendly rich text editor for our commenting guests!


The option to enable the front-end comment editor can be found on the WP Edit Pro settings page (Posts/Pages Tab).

It is up to the theme developer to determine how to use the WordPress comment system. Each theme may display differently. Some CSS adjustment may be necessary for the editor to appear properly.


A new button for inserting HTML tags has been added.

Remember, “Saving” the buttons will automatically check for any new buttons added to WP Edit Pro.

Responsive Image Maps

Thanks to one WP Edit Pro user; a new script has been added to the plugin which will allow the image maps to be responsive.

The script is small, clean and does a great job.

There is no need to configure anything.  The script will run automatically on any page that uses an image map in the content.

File Manager Bonus Plugin

The File Manager bonus plugin has been updated.

To update the File Manager plugin, visit the WP Edit Pro (Bonus) admin menu page.

  1. Deactivate, then uninstall the File Manager plugin.
  2. Install, then activate the File Manager plugin.
  3. Confirm the plugin has been updated to version 3.0.


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