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WP Edit Pro Version 3.0

WP Edit Pro Version 3.0

A new version of WP Edit Pro is scheduled for release later today. In this new version; we have updated much of the plugin.

Buttons Interface

The buttons interface is the main area of improvement. Buttons can now be multi-selected, and moved in groups. The jQuery used for sorting and dragging was updated as well.. resulting in a much smoother user experience.


Custom Editors

Another big area of improvement involves creating custom button arrangements for individual users. When a custom editor is created; a respective user role will also be created. By using a plugin such as User Role Editor, these custom editors can be assigned (by role) to individual users.

More information can be found on the Knowledge Base article.

Disable wpautop

The disable wpautop function, after being brought to my attention, was only working halfway. It would keep the paragraph tags from being added when the page was rendered… but it did not keep the paragraph tags which were inserted into the “text” side of the editor.

This feature was re-written; which now adds an additional TinyMCE plugin used for retaining paragraph and break tags used in the editor.

Moved Options

The “Editor menu bar” and the “Editor context menu” options (previously found on the “Buttons” tab) have been moved to the “Editor” tab. These options are used during editor initialization, and made more sense being located under the “Editor” tab.

This means the option will need to be re-checked (under the “Editor” tab), if the option was being used prior to this plugin update.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when no custom editor styles are created; when editor loads.
  • Fixed Custom Styles not loading the CSS file properly… which resulted in PHP erros and improper functionality of the styles.

New Button Features

  • Added “Non-Breaking Space” button. Adds additional spacing between words when necessary. Also preserves white space when switching views or saving editor content.
  • Added javascript events to “Advanced Link” button.
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