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WP Edit Pro Version 2.2

Our latest version, 2.2, will be released today. Our biggest accomplishment in this release was bringing back Image Maps. That’s right… the image map addon has been re-written for the latest versions of WordPress and TinyMCE.

Remember, it is necessary to click the “Check for New Buttons” button from the drag and drop interface before new buttons will be added to the placeholder container.

Image Maps

After much code re-structuring, the image mapping functionality has returned to WP Edit Pro. Image maps can be used to create “hot spots” on an image, each of which link to a different website or location.

First, the image map button will need to be added to an active row.

Next… after an image has been inserted into the content editor… clicking the “Image Map” button will open the image mapping editor.

It’s that easy. Now, when a visitor hovers over each part of the image.. the corresponding link will be used.

Abbreviation Button

Also in this release is a new button for adding abbreviations. This simple button will allow abbreviations to be created and inserted easily into the content editor. Highlight the text which will be abbreviated; click the button; type the abbreviation.. and you are done.

The above example would appear as USA.

User Roles Update

We also updated the code which handles how user role buttons are configured. Most of the work was performed on the multisite side; however, some modifications were also made to single site installations and user roles.

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