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WP Edit Pro Version 2.1

WP Edit Pro version 2.1 brings fixes and updates, and also removes two features not needed anymore.

WP Edit Pro Fixes

Fixed Featured Image

The featured image was being removed from custom post types. This has been fixed.


The YouTube button was sometimes stripping the last character from the code. This only happened when no other advanced attributes were selected. This has been fixed.


The update to WordPress 4.0 included the updated TinyMCE version 4.1.4. The TinyMCE update includes better table color selection and other color pickers. Therefore, the older Color Picker button is now obsolete.

If the color picker is appearing as a big block in the toolbar, it will be necessary for the user to manually reset their buttons. The reset button can be found to the right of the drag and drop panel.


User Specific

An option has been added to the “User Specific” tab, which allows the admin to permit all users to access this settings page. If checked, only the User Specific settings will be available to all user roles. This will allow each person to set their own unique settings.

Nonbreaking Space

The “Nonbreaking Space” has been added. It is first necessary to enable the “Editor Toolbar”. Once enabled, click the “Insert” tab, and then select “Nonbreaking Space”.


  • The “Color Picker” button has been removed. The update to TinyMCE version 4.1.4 includes updated color pickers.
  • The “Editor Scollbar” option has been removed. The code was causing issues with the update to WordPress 4.0.

Moving Forward

New Buttons

One issue currently bothering me is whenever I add a new button or remove an old button to the plugin code. Currently, whenever this happens, it’s required for the user to manually reset their buttons before the changes are applied. I am working on making this an automated process… which will check the buttons on each page load, requiring no user involvement.


This update will ensure everything is working properly between WP Edit Pro, WordPress 4.0 and TinyMCE 4.1.4. The main changes were with the color picker and the tables.

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