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WP Edit Pro Version 1.8

We are happy to announce the release of WP Edit Pro version 1.8.

There are many changes and additions to this version; so we are going to outline a few here.

Classes and IDs

The Classes and IDs update has been completed for Tinymce4 and WordPress 3.9+. The associated options have been added to the “Styles” tab; under the “Editor Stylesheet”.

This new feature will add two dropdown boxes to the editor. You may use them to:

  • Visually see the activate class and/or id for the selected element.
  • Add a class or id; defined in the “Editor Stylesheet”.

The classes an ids are dynamic; meaning they will change as you click around the content editor.

This is a very easy way to provide newbies with access to better styling; while remaining consistent with your sites styles (by limiting them to what you make available in the stylesheet).

License Activation Issue

One user brought a very important issue to my attention. The license activation process uses a form to submit the data. The form name must be unique, so not to interfere with other aspects of the WordPress environment.

Our form name was not unique, and if other plugins/themes also used this same form name, then WP Edit Pro would not activate properly.

This has been resolved; and in this update, we have changed our form name.

Potential Issue

Because we had to change this form name in BOTH the plugin code AND the code on our activation server; there may be a chance this particular update does not perform successfully.

The form names MUST match in the code and on our server.

If you experience any issue with the update process from version 1.7.1 to version 1.8; please Contact Us immediately, and we will email you the updated plugin .zip file.

More info can be found here, on our dedicated support forum.

Language Localization

WP Edit Pro is now ready for language localizations. All text strings have been properly configured; and the plugin will have a .pot file in the /langs/ directory.

If you are interested in providing a translation; we would LOVE to hear from you!

Plugin Updates

Another important issue was brought to our attention when a user realized no other plugin update messages would appear when WP Edit Pro was activated.

The issue resulted from an error in our code. This has been fixed; and plugin update messages will show for ALL plugins.

More info can be found here, on our dedicated support forum.

Import/Export Options

Another important fix is the proper importation of plugin options.

A very valued user submitted this bug; and noticed an error would display when plugin options were imported. Most options would still save properly in the database; but the user was presented with an unfriendly error notice.

We have fixed this issue, and in doing so, found another issue where the user specific options were not imported; also fixed.

Other Tweaks

Most other tweaks have to do with the “Styles” tab. We fixed an issue where the “Formats” dropdown would sometimes overwrite other plugins’ custom styles. Also fixed issue where backslashes were being saved in the “Editor Stylesheet”.

Removed Items

We have removed the editor options under the “Editor” tab (the 10 or so options for altering the editor css). Any of the previous options can now be written in the “Editor Stylesheet”, and accomplish the same exact task.


Please remember to view the Changelog for a complete list of changes.

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