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WP Edit Pro Version 1.7

WP Edit Pro version 1.7 was released today!

New Features

There are a few new features to take note:

Custom Styles

I have consolidated the Custom Styles premium addon into WP Edit Pro. There is a new tab “Styles” which will allow the user to create custom styles. Additionally, over 80 predefined styles have been added as well. These will be shown in the editor “Formats” dropdown; if the user enables the option. They will appear under the “Defined Styles” submenu.

The custom styles that get created will also be added to the editor “Formats” dropdown button. They will appear under the “Custom Styles” submenu.


Advanced Configuration

The Advanced Configuration premium addon has also been included in WP Edit Pro. This new feature can be found under the “Configuration” tab on the plugin settings page. More documentation on this feature will be coming soon.


Internal Plugin Updates

I have also added an internal plugin update feature. This will allow users to update WP Edit Pro just like any other WordPress plugin. When a new plugin version is released; the admin panel will notify the user that an update is available. Clicking “Update Now” will update WP Edit Pro to the latest version.

Plugin Updates for One Year

Plugin updates have now been limited to one year. This will apply to all new customers. Existing customers will still receive plugin updates for life; as per the Terms and Conditions at the time of purchase.


New Editor Buttons

Two new editor buttons have been added; Format Painter and Google Images.

Format Painter

The idea behind the Format Painter button is to provide some functionality similar to that of Microsoft Word. The Format Painter button allows the user to select one area of the content editor; copy the styling; and apply it to another area of the content Editor.

Check out our Knowledge Base Format Painter article for more information.

Google Images

The Google Images button provides a simple interface to search Google for images without ever leaving the content editor. Results are displayed directly in the overlay window; and the selection can be inserted directly into the content editor.

Check out our Knowledge Base Google Images article for more information.


This is just a list of the most prominent plugin updates. Please check the WP Edit Pro Changelog for a full list of plugin updates.

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