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WP Edit Pro Version 1.7.1

This update is mostly a maintenance release.

Fixed Items

Three issues were fixed in this release.

Plugin Update Messages

Plugin updates were brought to version 1.7 of WP Edit Pro. Here is how it works;

  • WordPress will check every 12 hours for updates to plugins and themes on the WordPress repositories.
  • WP Edit Pro “hooks” into this update check; and will also check our server for updates.
  • When a new update for WP Edit Pro is recognized on our server; an alert will be presented to the WordPress user in the admin panel.
  • This admin alert resembles any other plugin update message.

Cool… so what’s the problem?

Well, our update check will do a version compare of the currently installed version of WP Edit Pro; and the version we have on our server. Again, this happens every 12 hours. Our code was trying to update BEFORE the version comparison instead of AFTER the comparison. This created an unnecessary server load on our end; and generated false alerts on the user end.

The issue has now been resolved.

Add “Snidget”

When creating a post/page/custom post type, the button for inserting snidgets is located directly above the editor. We have changed the text of this button from “Add Widget” to “Add Snidget”, to remain constant with our new naming convention.

PHP Notices

The recently added Advanced Configuration tab was generating a couple PHP warnings. This was because when the Advanced Configuration page loads, an instance of the WP Editor function must be logged into the cache. I was missing two function arguments; which have now been corrected.

New Additions

One new addition can be found in this update.

Custom Styles

In the “Custom Styles” tab, we have added an option area where the user can create a CSS stylesheet which gets included in the content editor. This can be found under the “Editor Stylesheet” metabox.

This stylesheet will get initialized with the content editor; allowing you to customize the editor CSS.

Obsolete Options

Because of the addition of the “Editor Stylesheet” mentioned above, there is an admin option that will become obsolete.

Under the “Editor” Tab; there are about 10 options which allow customization of a few editor CSS styles. These can now be written in the new “Editor Stylesheet”. I have added a note in red text next to the admin option scheduled for removal.

If you are using the options under the “Editor” tab for modifying the editor styles; BE ADVISED they need to be moved as mentioned above.


As always, any questions, concerns or comments my be directed to our Contact Page.

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