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WP Edit Pro Version 1.5

WP Edit Pro version 1.5 has been released today.

New Features

In this update, the Advanced HR button has been added. Also, the table button now includes options in the “cell properties” to adjust the background and border colors of each cell.

We have added a fourth license option (Single Site Extended License) which will allow for five (5) separate site activations.

Bug Fixes

There were a few admin notices not using the proper WordPress action hook. This would sometimes result in the “Headers already sent” message appearing at the top of the screen. In this update, the hooks have been fixed, and the message should no longer display.

Some of the function names used by WP Edit Pro were identical to Ultimate Tinymce Pro; preventing both plugins from being activated simultaneously. This update to WP Edit Pro renames those functions; allowing both plugins to be activated together (although not recommended).

The Context Menu option was not working, and has now been corrected.

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