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WP Edit Pro Knowledge Base

The WP Edit Pro Knowledge Base has been created as a repository for plugin tutorials, examples and demonstrations. As new supporting documentation is created, we will add it to the Knowledge Base. Eventually, the Knowledge Base will contain documentation for every single option/feature available in WP Edit Pro.


An additional Feedblitz feed has also been created for the Knowledge Base. We encourage you to subscribe to that feed as well; it will keep you notified each time we create a new article. You may subscribe from the Knowledge Base main page; or by clicking the link below:

WP Edit Pro Knowledge Base FeedBlitz Feed:

Interested in Making Money?

We can use you! Pick your favorite WP Edit Pro feature and write a tutorial. Include screenshots, examples, walk-throughs and anything else you feel would help a complete newcomer better understand the feature you selected.

  • Articles must be written in English; using proper grammar and punctuation.
  • Articles should “flow” from setting up the option, to final results.
  • The article will need to be written in an HTML format which can be easily transferred to our Knowledge Base.
  • We do use some common shortcodes in the Knowledge Base to help with styling; such as notifications and alerts. We can include samples upon request.

We will pay $10 (usd) per article (up to $20 (usd) if it is outstanding), payable via a PayPal account.

Email us using our Contact Page; and we will approve your topic.
(Topics MUST be approved before payment obligations are arranged and enforced.)

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