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WP Edit Pro File Manager Version 3.2

WP Edit Pro File Manager Version 3.2

A new version of the WP Edit Pro File Manager (Version 3.2) is scheduled to be released today. Not much has changed; with the exception of one major fix.

Image Thumbnail Storage – A “Recurring” Issue

The WP Edit Pro File Manager was originally coded to store thumbnails of uploaded images in the “wp-content/uploads” directory. This is the ideal place for plugins and themes to store user uploaded items.

However, the core File Manager code suggested NOT to store thumbnails in the same directory where the images themselves were uploaded. Well… Oops. It caused an issue where multiple layers of folders were being created on the server side. Each time the File Manager was initiated; another layer of folders were added. This could quickly become very resource intensive.

The Solution

The solution was to move the thumbnail folder out of the “wp-content/uploads” directory. The folder now resides at “wp-content/wp_edit_pro_file_manager_thumbs”.

What About My Old Thumbnail Images?

It is recommended to move the thumbnail images out of their old location; and into the new location.

Navigate to the “wp-content/uploads” directory. Look for a folder named “thumbs”. Copy the images from the “thumbs” folder; and paste them into the “wp-content/wp_edit_pro_file_manager_thumbs” folder.

Set Aviary Editing Skin

A new option has been added to select between a “light” and a “dark” skin when using the Aviary image editing tools.

WP Edit Pro Bonus Menu

The WP Edit Pro “Bonus” menu has been altered a bit. As far as I can tell; there is no code to network deactivate a plugin. This was interfering when activating/deactivating the File Manager (or other future bonus addons).

The buttons to “Activate” and “Deactivate” have been removed. Instead, after installing the File Manager, please visit the admin “Plugins” page to activate or deactivate the plugin.


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