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Gutenberg WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg

Today, Matt Mullenweg (cofounder of WordPress) announced the targeted release date of WordPress 5.0; scheduled for December 6th (tomorrow). It is possible this date may be moved; but it is the first officially recognized release date.

WordPress 5.0 will include the new editor, nicknamed Gutenberg. Gutenberg moves away from the visual/text editor with which many of us have become accustomed; and relies more on containers and blocks/sections. Please read more on WordPress Gutenberg.

WP Edit Pro and Gutenberg

A completely new version of WP Edit Pro will be necessary to stay current with WordPress core. While it is typically ideal to provide backwards compatibility; the complexities of WP Edit Pro, coupled with the extreme changes in Gutenberg, will make it nearly impossible to remain backwards compatible.

For this reason; a new version of WP Edit Pro is currently being developed which will being with version 5.0 (which coincides with Gutenberg 5.0). Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, I do not anticipate the new WP Edit Pro will be available for initial release of Gutenberg. It will, however, be available shortly after the first of the new year.

Gutenberg and Classic Editor

While Gutenberg is the future of WordPress content editing; the change is not going to be equally embraced by everyone. There are still many theme/plugin developers scrambling to ensure their software is compatible with Gutenberg. I anticipate many WordPress users will experience some sort of difficulty during this major transition.

WordPress core developers have already recognized this issue; and have written a plugin which will restore the legacy content editing experience. Please refer to the WordPress Disable Gutenberg plugin.

The Disable Gutenberg plugin will be extremely useful to those users wanting to keep their WordPress core files up to date; while holding off converting to the Gutenberg editor. It may also be useful if something is breaking because of the Gutenberg editor; and reverting back to the legacy editor is required momentarily.

Gutenberg Thoughts

It is important to recognize the content editor is a backbone of WordPress. It is something users typically interact with on a daily basis; and most themes will incorporate features into the content editor on some level (custom post types; meta boxes; adding buttons; etc). It may take some time for all developers to become “succinct” with Gutenberg.

WP Edit Pro contains many features written on the legacy platform. I can say at this point not every feature currently in WP Edit Pro will be available in the initial release of the Gutenberg version of WP Edit Pro. It will take a little time to convert legacy features to the newer platform.

Final Thoughts

Gutenberg brings many new exciting features to WordPress content editing. I encourage anyone not familiar with Gutenberg to visit the link above and watch the demonstration.

Using the new system of containers and blocks available with Gutenberg; I’m excited to see what new features become available in WP Edit Pro in the future.

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