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Frequently Asked Questions

With a product of this magnitude, we expect you will have some very good questions prior to purchasing. We have attempted to anticipate all frequently asked questions; and provide additional appropriate resources.

If you do not see your specific question below, please use our Contact Page to let us know and we will add it to the list.

Plugin Licensing

Which license is right for me?

Please see our Terms and Conditions page, under the “License Details” section.

Is the license price recurring or a one-time fee?

The purchase of a WP Edit Pro plugin license is a one-time fee.

What if I purchase(d) a license and want to upgrade?

We will issue a discount coupon, which will offset the price spent on the license of lesser value. Simply use our Contact page to make such request.

For example, if a single site license was purchased and the user wants to upgrade to a multi site license. We will issue a coupon code for a discount of the paid price of the single site license. This will reduce the cost of the multi site license by the amount already spent on the single site license.

Plugin Updates

Are future plugin updates free?

When purchasing a license of WP Edit Pro, plugin updates are free for one year. After one year, an additional year of plugin updates may be purchased.

Plugin updates will be handled automatically, just like other normal WordPress plugin updates. The update process will check the purchase date; and allow the update if the purchase was made within a year (or an additional year of updates has been purchased), or alert the user there is an update but the year has expired.

How do I know when a new update is available?

You will be notified of a new update just like any other WordPress plugin. WordPress checks every 12 hours to see if any updates are available for plugins and themes. When an update of WP Edit Pro is released; this notification will appear and the update can be installed directly from the plugins page.

You may also check our Request Download Link page or our Changelog page to see the current version available for WP Edit Pro.

You may wish to join our free newsletter service (powered by FeedBlitz) to receive important plugin information and news. The signup form can be found on our Home Page.

How can I update WP Edit Pro?

If the update notice is seen in the admin panel, you may go to the Plugins page, and click “Update Now” next to WP Edit Pro.

You may Request a new Download Link at any time.  A new download link will be generated and emailed to the address we have in our database from the purchase.  The download link will contain the most recent version of the plugin.

Visit our Knowledge Base for instructions on how to Update WP Edit Pro from an existing version.

Plugin Settings

Will I lose the settings if I deactivate the plugin?

No. The plugin is designed to protect the settings when deactivated or reactivated. This is by intention, and will protect any plugin database settings when troubleshooting other WordPress conflicts.

The only way to delete the database settings is either manually; or by clicking the “Database” tab in the plugin settings, and selecting “Uninstall Plugin”.

How do I delete the plugin settings?

The only way to delete the database settings is either manually; or by clicking the “Database” tab in the plugin settings, and selecting “Uninstall Plugin”.


How is my payment processed?

We use PayPal for all our payment processing. PayPal (depending on your country) will accept payments via a major credit card; or via a PayPal account. All payments are performed on a secure PayPal payment page. Any charges associated with this website will be billed as “Josh Lobe Plugins”.

How do I cancel a recurring site subscription?

There are a variety of ways to cancel a website subscription:

* Log into the WP Edit Pro website with your account information, and click the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the page.
* If paying with PayPal; you may contact PayPal directly to terminate the recurring charge.
* If paying with a credit card; you may contact the credit card directly to terminate the recurring charge.

What if I don’t receive my download link?

After successfully completing the payment process with PayPal; a redirect will occur taking the user to a page on WP Edit Pro with the download link information. Additionally, an email will be sent containing the same download link. eCheck customers will receive their download link after the check has cleared.

If for any reason the download link is inaccessible, please Contact Us immediately, and include your PayPal transaction ID.


Is my sensitive information kept secure?

Absolutely! We take every precautionary measure to ensure your information is kept secure. This includes dedicated serving (greatly reducing server attacks); secure database encryption when sending/receiving email information; and other safeguards.

Please read our Privacy Policy to learn more.

Is this software free from spam?

Most Definitely!! We DO NOT inject our software with any type of malicious code, whatsoever. Furthermore, we DO NOT include any track-back links, hidden html links, or any other SEO black hat marketing techniques. We wish our software to be clean, efficient and free from any questionable content.

Terms and Conditions

Please read our Terms and Conditions page prior to making any purchases. You will be required to confirm you have read this page before being redirected to PayPal for payment processing.

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