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Version: 4.4.4
Date of release: October 15, 2018

  • Fixed PHP 7 error with construct method and default visual tab.
  • Fixed Google Fonts font list array.

Version: 4.4.3
Date of release: April 29, 2018

  • Fixed PHP 7 error with construct method and QR Widgets.
  • Added additional functionality to the “Advanced Insert/Edit Link” button; allowing advanced searching, sorting and filtering of linking to existing content.
  • Added plugin button api; other plugins/themes can add buttons to WP Edit Pro.

Version: 4.4.2
Date of release: September 11, 2016

  • Fixed advanced insert/edit link button; linking to existing content.
  • Fixed image map javascript issue.
  • The image map plugin may become deprecated soon. This is a HUGE project; and will take some time to update. It is possible this button may become unavailable for a few versions. All previously created image maps will still function correctly.

Version: 4.4.1
Date of release: September 07, 2016

  • Added image map javascript file.
  • Added backward compatibility for wp_get_sites().
  • Added two new fields to “About” tab; regarding network activation status.
  • Fixed custom styles formats array sort function (for PHP 5.2 backwards compatibility). Also added strtolower() function for better comparison.
  • Moved creation of upload directories to plugin_activate() hook; from the admin_init() hook. Prevents this check from running on every page load.

Version: 4.4
Date of release: September 03, 2016

  • Fixed various bugs in custom fonts and custom styles.
  • Fixed various bugs in network administration mode.
  • Fixed strict standards error on wp_widget_rss_output() function.
  • Updated Snidget network administration.
  • Updated file manager to 9.10.2.
  • Removed classes and id’s (javascript issues; will update in future release).
  • Removed admin links.

Version: 4.3.2
Date of release: April 12, 2016

  • Fixed license update notice when not set previously in database.
  • Fixed insert date/time image not loading properly (after update to WordPress 4.5).
  • Added option to insert YouTube videos as objects (rather than iframes).

Version: 4.3.1
Date of release: February 24, 2016

  • Fixed codemagic and columnshortcodes button showing “Headers already sent”.
  • Fixed license extension reminder page link.

Version: 4.3
Date of release: February 16, 2016

  • Added jquery confirm plugin to replace all dialog notices.
  • Added additional functionality to enable/disable the wpautop filter on all posts/pages.
  • Added option to disable WP Edit Pro editor from posts or pages; independently (Editor tab).
  • Added editor notes section (“Posts” tab); which adds an editor to posts/pages (only visible to admins) for notekeeping.
  • Updated Google Fonts wp error code. Prevents fatal error from occurring if url is not resolved properly.
  • Updated deprecated function “get_currentuserinfo” to “wp_get_current_user()”.
  • Updated file manager to version 9.9.7 (will be released independently in a few days).
  • Fixed snidget script loading on all admin pages (when snidgets enabled).
  • Fixed custom fonts stylesheet regeneration when a font is deleted (fixed console warning).
  • Adjusted Convert Options functionality to convert options from WP Edit (Free) to WP Edit Pro.
  • Began tedious task of updating all button language files; allowing every button addon to be translated. This will take a few version releases to complete.

Version: 4.2
Date of release: January 23, 2016

  • Added custom fonts back into plugin.
  • Added Flickr Images search and insert functionality (replaces deprecated Google Images search).
  • Added “Disable wpautop” option back into the plugin.
  • Adjusted profile biography editor code.
  • Adjusted Feedblitz url to recognize https sites.
  • Fixed upload directory creation; now only checks on admin initialization.
  • Fixed custom styles saving apostrophes in title field (fixed slashes showing).
  • Fixed imcompatibility issue with WPML and Revolution Slider.
  • Updated QR widget for PHP 7 class compatibility.
  • Updated language localization code.

Version: 4.1.2
Date of release: October 25, 2015

  • Adjusted license activation to only require transaction ID.
  • Fixed button loading if plugin had previously been network activated.
  • Added advanced bulleted and numbered lists buttons.

Version: 4.1.1
Date of release: October 21, 2015

  • Removed custom fonts. A vulnerability was discovered in the script used to upload fonts. A new option will be added in the next release.
  • Removed license check when saving options. This could sometimes cause the plugin license to deactivate even when license was valid.
  • Removed dropbox api key alert.
  • Fixed license extension buy now link (admin update notice).

Version: 4.1
Date of release: October 5, 2015

  • Updated singoff option to allow shortcodes inside signoff text.
  • Fixed mkdir error when using File Manager.
  • Added security sanitization to License Page input fields.
  • Added trim, lowercase and replace whitespace to saved input fields on License Page.
  • Fixed Advanced Link button title attribute.
  • Added script version number to comment-reply.js; and moved it from loading in header to loading in footer.
  • Removed http: link (mixed content on https sites).

Version: 4.0.1
Date of release: August 26, 2015

  • Fixed warning on User tab (single site installs).
  • Fixed error on Network tab (single site installs).
  • Fixed undefined variable notice ($is_existing_editor).
  • Fixed undefined variable notice ($orig_buttons[‘toolbarX’]).
  • Fixed undefined variable notice ($status) (plugin settings links).
  • Fixed undefined variable notice ($value) (single site network dropdown selector).
  • Fixed foreach array invalid argument ($plugin_opts) (main page).
  • Fixed ksort not an array notice (main.php) (capabilities dropdown).
  • Fixed array_scan error when using custom fonts.
  • Fixed plugin so loads default values correctly when database option does not exist.
  • Updated “Notes” tab to use the “wp_remote_get()” function instead of the “file_get_contents()” function.

Version: 4.0
Date of release: August 24, 2015

  • IMPORTANT!! Please remember to convert your options.
  • Completely revamped network adminstation settings.
  • Network admin can select same settings or separate settings for each sub-site.
  • Create custom editors without relying on other plugins.
  • Custom editors can be created based on user role, user capability, or the specific user.
  • Custom created capability editors can be sorted.
  • Custom colors can now be created and saved; which are added to the font color editor button.
  • The Editor Stylesheet location has been moved out of the plugin directory; into the wp-content/uploads directory.
  • User Specific settings can now be allowed for different user roles.
  • PHP Widgets have been removed.
  • Disable wpautop has been removed. A suitable replacement is in the works. This was a core WordPress change.
  • Various tweaks when plugin is network activated.

Version: 3.7
Date of release: June 16, 2015

  • Added global “Styles and Scripts” options boxes to Posts/Pages tab.
  • Added individual post/page “Styles and Scripts”. These will only be ran on the corresponding page where entered.
  • Added support for custom post type excerpt areas.
  • Added better confirmation dialog for deleting custom styles.
  • Added link to create Dropbox app tutorial.
  • Fixed compatibility issue with OptimizePress theme.

Version: 3.6
Date of release: May 22, 2015

  • Completely rewrote YouTube button for compatibility with the new API version 3.
  • Removed older YouTube button from plugin (Remember to click “Save Buttons” to remove the old button).
  • Added Dropbox button; links to Dropbox account so files can be easily added via the editor. Be sure to set “Dropbox options” under “Editor” tab.
  • Moved functions around to prevent multiple calls to plugin class.
  • Switched to Singleton class method (plugin code).
  • Fixed issue with cookies and being automatically logged out of the website.

Version: 3.5
Date of release: March 22, 2015

  • Added options to control default settings for Add Media window (to control size, type and alignment values). Editor tab.
  • Updated File Manager Plugin. Please deactivate and delete the File Manager; and resinstall. Confirm version 3.1 of File Manager in your Plugins list.
  • Updated code to handle new changes in File Manager plugin.

Version: 3.4
Date of release: March 19, 2015

  • Fixed array-merge php notice when custom fonts were enabled; but no custom fonts had been uploaded.
  • Fixed “wpeditpro_custom_fonts.css” file trying to load on admin pages; if corresponding option not selected.
  • Added checks to determine if font css file exists; before trying to load.
  • Changed default value of button role administration from “custom roles” to “WordPress roles”.

Version: 3.3
Date of release: March 18, 2015

  • Updated plugin activation and update scripts (updated from “old” mysql, to “new” mysql pdo).
  • Updated plugin activation messages (to help identify specific plugin activation issues).
  • Added “Manage License” and “Remove Site Activation” buttons to “License” page.
  • Fixed undefined index warning with custom fonts.
  • Altered plugin activation method. This can now be used to deactivate/reactivate the plugin to populate independent default values.
  • Updated code for new blog creation (populating options).

Version: 3.2
Date of release: March 15, 2015

  • Added wp pointer to editor for toolbar toggle notice.
  • Added additional column sizes to columnShortcodes editor button.
  • Added capability to add custom fonts to the editor “font select” dropdown for usage in posts/pages. Upload .ttf, .otf, .woff and .woff2 font types.
  • Removed Editor Font Size (Editor tab) option… and replaced with a better radio selection for choosing Font Size Type in the Font Size dropdown menu.
  • Added input field for defining available font-size values in the Font Size dropdown menu.
  • Added options to set and unset the wpautop filter on all posts, pages and custom post types per a single button click.
  • Added “License Expiration” notice to admin panel.
  • Fixed bug in columnShortcodes button; where the last selection was not being inserted properly.
  • Fixed image paths of “advimage” and “accessibility checker” buttons.
  • Fixed “undefined index” notice (when wp-debug is set to ‘true’); thrown when a new plugin udpate was available.
  • Fixed “page break” button image mismatch between the plugin settings page and the content editor.
  • Adjusted profile description rich text editor when “show_password_fields()” filter is false.
  • Updated “mailto” button (now set attributes like “to”, “cc”, “bcc” and “subject”).

Version: 3.1
Date of release: January 15, 2015

  • Added additional button management option. Buttons can now be administered using “WordPress Roles” or “Custom Roles” (Global Tab).
  • Added rich text editor for comments (Posts/Pages Tab).
  • Added new button for inserting HTML5 tags.
  • Image maps are now responsive.
  • Fixed editing of created editors.
  • Updated File Manager bonus plugin.

Version: 3.0.1
Date of release: December 20, 2014

  • Fixed column styles not working properly (missing css file).
  • Added Column Shortcodes editor button.

Version: 3.0
Date of release: December 15, 2014

  • Complete plugin update. Complete code re-write.
  • Updated button drag and drop panel.
  • Added create custom editors option.
  • Updated wpautop option.
  • Fixed error when no custom editor styles are created; when editor loads.
  • Fixed Custom Styles not loading the CSS file properly… which resulted in PHP erros and improper functionality of the styles.
  • Added “Non-Breaking Space” button. Adds additional spacing between words when necessary. Also preserves white space when switching views or saving editor content.
  • Added javascript events to “Advanced Link” button.

Version: 2.2
Date of release: October 24, 2014

  • Added “Image Map” button. Yes… image maps are BACK!
  • Added “Abbreviation” button for inserting abbreviations into the content area.
  • Major updates to how buttons for user roles are defined and administered.
  • Added plugin check to determine if any buttons have been removed from plugin (no longer supported).

Version: 2.1
Date of release: September 4, 2014

  • Fixed Featured Image setting from knocking out other Custom Post Type’s featured images (such as WooCommerce Product page).
  • Fixed YouTube sometimes not inserting correct video.
  • Updated Table plugin to TinyMCE 4.1.4 version.
  • Updated Colorpicker plugin to TinyMCE 4.1.4 version.
  • Added option on “User Specific” to allow users to set their own settings.
  • Added “non-breaking space” option (must have “editor toolbar” enabled).
  • Removed “Editor Scroll To” option (not needed after WP 4.0).
  • Removed “Color Picker” button (not needed after WP 4.0).

Version: 2.0.1
Date of release: August 3, 2014

  • Reverted table plugin back to old version; until WordPress 4.0 is released. The new table plugin will only work with the updated TinyMCE (which will be included in WordPress 4.0). Please see [This Topic]( for more information. I will release another update right after WordPress updates to 4.0 (expected date of August 27, 2014).
  • Removed ‘alltags’ button which is still under development. I forgot to remove the button reference before making public.

Version: 2.0
Date of release: August 1, 2014

  • Updated Table plugin (provided my MoxieCode) to version 4.1.3. This version includes background and border color selections for the entire table; table rows; and table cells.
  • Changed Snidget order to alphabetical (when inserting in widgets or content areas).
  • Fixed PHP Notice caused from saving Snidgets in the widget area.

Version: 1.9
Date of release: July 30, 2014

  • Added “Bonus” sub-menu page.
  • The “Bonus” sub-menu page allows installation of additional addons created for WP Edit Pro.
  • Added “WP Edit Pro Responsive File Manager” to the “Bonus” sub-menu page.
  • Added proportional size controls to “Advanced Insert/Edit Image” button.
  • Added pre-population of advanced hr attributes when clicking the “Advanced HR” button while actively on an exisitng hr element in the editor.
  • Added additional features to “Advanced Insert/Edit Link” button (link to existing content; filters; and search capability).
  • Added script to CodeMagic to faciliate loading of inline javascript code.
  • Fixed QR Code ‘Undefined Index’ notice when saving a post/page.
  • Updated all plugin and server licensing/activation scripts to use the https protocol.

Version: 1.8
Date of release: July 8, 2014

  • Added Classes and IDs option under “Styles” tab. Use them to dynamically apply a class or id from the “Editor Styles” stylesheet; to applicable content elements.
  • Changed license activation form name to be truly unique, which will prevent other plguins from interfering during license activation.
  • Finalized plugin language localization strings. Please contact us if you are interested in providing a translation.
  • Fixed issue with plugin update not allowing other plugins to display update notices.
  • Fixed import options error where the screen would display “Headers already sent”.
  • Fixed import options issue where current user meta was not being imported properly.
  • Fixed issue with merging Custom Styles and Predefined Styles.
  • Fixed editor stylesheet option saving slashes before quotes (needed to strip slashes).
  • Adjusted Custom Styles and added “style_formats_merge” argument. This will prevent overwriting other plugin/theme styles, if present.
  • Removed the editor options from under the “Editor” tab; the same options can now be configured in the “Editor Stylesheet” under the “Styles” tab.
  • Removed extraneous option being saved in the “Configuration” tab (the option name was “advconfig”).
  • Added “Configuration” and “Styles” to the admin bar links (if option not disabled).

Version: 1.7.1
Date of release: June 28, 2014

  • Fixed plugin update alerts.
  • Fixed PHP error notices in “Advanced Configuration” tab.
  • Fixed “Add Widget” to “Add Snidget” button above content editor.
  • Added TinyMCE Editor Stylesheet area to the “Styles” Tab.
  • Added notice to the “Editor” Tab; The “Editor Options” section will be removed in the next plugin udpate. Use the new TinyMCE Editor Stylesheet instead.
  • Restyled admin QR Code area to be responsive and mobile freindly.

Version: 1.7
Date of release: June 25, 2014

  • Added button for Google Images.
  • Added button for Format Painter.
  • Added internal plugin update. Now, update notices will appear just like any normal WordPress plugin.
  • Added Predefined and Custom Styles premium addons into the plugin. (Styles Tab)
  • Added Advanced Configuration premium addon to the plugin. (Configuration Tab)
  • Added Cut, Copy and Paste to Context Menu.
  • Added a table to show current snidgets on the “Snidget” tab.

Version: 1.6
Date of release: June 02, 2014

  • Added “Advanced Insert/Edit Image” button. Includes ability to set image attributes, margins, paddings, border and javascript events.
  • Added ability to force open all rows (“toggle toolbar” button enabled); under the “Editor” tab.
  • Added Dashboard RSS Feed for the WP Edit Pro Knowledge Base. The associated links will relate to WP Edit Pro plugin option tutorials.
  • Added button on license page to remove current website activation.
  • Changed the name “Widget Builder” to “Snidget Builder”. Snidgets seems to better exemplify the snippet/widget possibilities.

Version: 1.5
Date of release: May 14, 2014

  • Added background color and border color to tables (table cell properties).
  • Added Advanced HR Addon.
  • Added Single Site Extended License.
  • Fixed some admin notices not properly wrapped in functions; which would generate a “Headers already sent” message.
  • Fixed function clash with Ultimate Tinymce Pro (resulting in activation confusion).
  • Fixed “Settings” link when plugin not licensed.
  • Fixed Context Menu not working.

Version: 1.4
Date of release: May 3, 2014

  • Updated WP Edit Pro website and activation scripts to dedicated serving.
  • Added option for px (in Editor tab) in editor font size dropdown list.
  • Updated TinyMCE core ‘table’ button (supports vertical align on table cells).
  • Fixed loading path of admin page .js and .css files, props @Fencer04.

Version: 1.3
Date of release: April 26, 2014

  • Fixed button rows not displaying correctly for user roles.
  • Added additional options to YouTube button.
  • Added option to copy options to all blogs simultaneously.
  • Added option to copy user settings to all site users.
  • Remove WP Edit Pro sub-site menu button when network activated, and no options are availble.
  • Added ajax ‘role check’ to prevent cross-browser window interference.

Version: 1.2
Date of release: April 18, 2014

  • Added Advanced Link button.

Version: 1.1
Date of release: April 18, 2014

  • Fixed signoff code adding slashes when saving.
  • Fixed image button, renamed ‘image’ to ‘image_orig’.
  • Added extra font sizes.

Version: 1.0
Date of release: April 10, 2014

  • Public release.

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