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WP Edit Pro Custom Styles

The WP Edit Pro Custom Styles has always been a premium plugin… until now. Beginning in version 1.7 of WP Edit Pro; the Custom Styles addon has been incorporated into WP Edit Pro. Custom Styles will allow a user to create unique styles (inline or by class name), which will appear in the “Formats” editor […]

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WP Edit Pro Version 1.7

WP Edit Pro version 1.7 was released today! New Features There are a few new features to take note: Custom Styles I have consolidated the Custom Styles premium addon into WP Edit Pro. There is a new tab “Styles” which will allow the user to create custom styles. Additionally, over 80 predefined styles have been […]

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WP Edit Pro File Manager

I have continually been asked if there is a better file manager than the one included with WordPress. Well, I’ve always felt the WordPress media manager is quite a powerful tool. That is until recently. Limitations of WordPress Media Manager The first limitation I found is the ability (or inability) to organize files. Uploaded files […]

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WP Edit Pro Version 1.6

A new version of WP Edit Pro (1.6) was released today. Request new Download Link Remember, to get the updated version of the plugin, you will need to Request a New Download Link. An email will be sent to the email address used on the submission form, containing a fresh download link. This link can […]

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WP Edit Pro Knowledge Base

The WP Edit Pro Knowledge Base has been created as a repository for plugin tutorials, examples and demonstrations. As new supporting documentation is created, we will add it to the Knowledge Base. Eventually, the Knowledge Base will contain documentation for every single option/feature available in WP Edit Pro. Subscribe An additional Feedblitz feed has also […]

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