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WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.3

WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.3 PHP 7 error with construct method and QR Widgets. Fixed an error with the QR Widget code using an outdated construct method. This is now updated for PHP 7. Advanced Insert/Edit Link Button Added additional functionality to the “Advanced Insert/Edit Link” button; allowing advanced searching, sorting and filtering of linking […]

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WP Edit Pro Version 3.6

WP Edit Pro Version 3.6 YouTube Update In this release; we say goodbye to the old YouTube button (it served us well)… and introduce a brand new YouTube button. The developers API was updated by YouTube; and crashed all applications still using the older API (apologies for any inconveniences). The button has been completed updated. […]

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WP Edit Pro Version 3.0

WP Edit Pro Version 3.0 A new version of WP Edit Pro is scheduled for release later today. In this new version; we have updated much of the plugin. Buttons Interface The buttons interface is the main area of improvement. Buttons can now be multi-selected, and moved in groups. The jQuery used for sorting and […]

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WP Edit Pro Version 1.9

Version 1.9 WP Edit Pro version 1.9 was released to the public today. This release is mostly an introduction of new settings and features, with the exception of one fix and one update. New Features Quite a few new features/options have been added to this version. Bonus Menu Page A new sub-menu page has been […]

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WP Edit Pro Custom Styles

The WP Edit Pro Custom Styles has always been a premium plugin… until now. Beginning in version 1.7 of WP Edit Pro; the Custom Styles addon has been incorporated into WP Edit Pro. Custom Styles will allow a user to create unique styles (inline or by class name), which will appear in the “Formats” editor […]

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