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Gutenberg WordPress 5.0

WordPress 5.0 and Gutenberg Today, Matt Mullenweg (cofounder of WordPress) announced the targeted release date of WordPress 5.0; scheduled for December 6th (tomorrow). It is possible this date may be moved; but it is the first officially recognized release date. WordPress 5.0 will include the new editor, nicknamed Gutenberg. Gutenberg moves away from the visual/text […]

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WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.4

WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.4 PHP 7 error with construct method. Fixed an error for php7 (with backwards compatibility) for defaulting to visual tab in editor. Fixed Font List The Google font list variable started as a string; and should have been an array. This generated an error if Google Fonts were enabled.

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WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.3

WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.3 PHP 7 error with construct method and QR Widgets. Fixed an error with the QR Widget code using an outdated construct method. This is now updated for PHP 7. Advanced Insert/Edit Link Button Added additional functionality to the “Advanced Insert/Edit Link” button; allowing advanced searching, sorting and filtering of linking […]

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WP Edit Pro Custom Buttons API

Custom Buttons API Beginning in WP Edit Pro version 5.0, a new system will be introduced allowing other plugin/theme developers to add their editor buttons into the WP Edit Pro button configuration. As a result, users of WP Edit Pro can then move the other plugin/theme editor buttons into new locations in the editor toolbars. […]

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WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.2

WP Edit Pro Version 4.4.2 Another maintenance release fixing two issues; the “Advanced Insert/Edit Link” button, and the “Image Map” button. Advanced Insert/Edit Link Button There was an ajax function that did not make it into version 4.4 of WP Edit Pro. This caused the “link to additional content” from the advanced insert/edit link button […]

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