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Welcome to WP Edit Pro

WP Edit Pro is a powerful plugin written for WordPress; which extends the basic content editor, adding more powerful and flexible editing tools. WP Edit Pro will unlock new editing possibilities; and unleash the full potential of the content editor.

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Button Customization

WP Edit Pro allows endless button configurations; offering full flexibility on which buttons are shown/available to which user.

In other words; WP Edit Pro can be configured in any of the following methods:

  • Allow everyone to use the same editor buttons.
  • Only allow certain buttons based on user role.
  • Only allow certain buttons based on user capability.
  • Different user roles or user capabilities can have different button arrangements.
  • Offer each individual user a different set of buttons.

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WP Edit Pro currently adds over two dozen new buttons; each offering a unique set of options for inserting and manipulating editor content.

  • YouTube – Search, browse and insert YouTube videos without ever leaving the editor.
  • Google Images – Search, browse and insert Google images without ever leaving the editor.
  • Dropbox – Insert documents and links directly from a dropbox account.
  • Image Mapping – Create image maps from any image, set unlimited hot spots.
  • Snidgets – Insert content previously created into a post/page or widget area.
  • Code Editor – An advanced html code editor with syntax highlighting, indentation, auto-completion and search and replace capabilities.
  • And many, many more…

WP Edit Pro also adds the buttons left out by WordPress; which include (but not limited to) font size, font family, font formats, styles, subscript, superscript, and more!


There are simply too many options to list!

  • Create custom editor styles; and apply them to any editor content.
  • Upload and use custom fonts in the editor.
  • Adjust the editor TinyMCE initialization values.
  • Allow the WP Edit Pro editor in excerpt areas, including custom post types.
  • Dozens of column shortcodes (for magazine-like content).
  • Add a visual comment editor to posts/pages.
  • Bonus Responsive File Manager for inserting, editing, and storing media.
  • And so much more!

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WP Edit Pro is actively maintained and updated. Feel comfortable with your purchase knowing a competent, caring developer is by your side. An active support forum is maintained; and a knowledge base is used for related articles and tutorials.

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