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Welcome to WP Edit Pro

What is WP Edit Pro?

WP Edit Pro is a powerful plugin written for WordPress; extending on the basic content editor and adding more powerful and flexible editing tools.

WP Edit Pro will unlock new editing possibilities; and unleash the full potential of the content editor.

How Does it Work?

There are so many amazing features of WP Edit Pro; it’s difficult to just say, “Here’s how it works.”. However, one of the more popular features is the ability to customize the editor buttons.

Check our Demo for a full example.

Custom Button Arrangements

Below, is a small sample of editor buttons. Go ahead; move them to new locations.

Using WP Edit Pro; the content editor will display the same order of buttons that are configured.

WP Edit Pro allows button customization for each user role; as well as integration with the User Role Manager plugin to offer infinite button arrangement combinations.

In other words; this plugin can be configured in any of the following methods:

  • Allow everyone to use the same editor buttons
  • Limit users based on user role to different button arrangements.
  • Only allow certain buttons based on user role.
  • Offer each user a different set of buttons; using the User Role Manager plugin.

Over a Dozen New Editor Buttons

WP Edit Pro provides over a dozen new editor buttons; not found anywhere else on the web. Manage all types of videos; images; links; shortcodes; styles; fonts; and more.. from a single plugin.

Additional Options

WP Edit Pro provides additional options which can be used to further tweak and maintain the content editor. This plugin is not just about button configurations. Rather; it’s a complete utility manager for power hungry editor users.

Some of these options include:

  • Add custom styles and scripts to posts and pages.
  • Hide pages and posts from view in the admin lists.
  • Use highlight colors for different post/page status objects.
  • Precisely manage how post/page revisions are stored.
  • Upload custom fonts for use in the content editor.
  • Use “Snidgets” to insert content into posts, pages or widget areas.
  • And much, much more…
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