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WP Edit Pro Version 1.6

A new version of WP Edit Pro (1.6) was released today.

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Remember, to get the updated version of the plugin, you will need to Request a New Download Link.

An email will be sent to the email address used on the submission form, containing a fresh download link. This link can be used to download the updated version of the plugin. Once the updated version has been downloaded to your computer, you may use our Plugin Update Guide for updating the plugin.

New Features in this Version

  1. Added “Advanced Insert/Edit Image” button. This button will allow the user to apply custom attributes, borders, paddings, and margins to images; all done via a visual interface.
  2. Added the ability to force open all editor rows. This goes along with the “Toggle Toolbar” button. The option will force the editor to always load with the toolbars in their expanded state; regardless of how the button was toggled on their last visit.
  3. Added a button on the License page, which allows the user to remove the site activation record from our database. This will allow the user to install the plugin on a site, activate the license, and if they later decide to move the plugin to another site, they can deactivate the first site without having to contact us first.
  4. Fixed the dashboard feed for our WP Edit Pro website. Also added another dashboard feed for our WP Edit Pro Knowledge Base website. We encourage you to check these feeds often, as they will display important plugin news, udpates and tutorials.
  5. Changed the name of the “Widget Builder” to a little more ‘artsy’ name. It is now called the “Snidget Builder”. Snidgets seems to better exemplify the snippet/widget possibilities of this powerful feature.

New Buttons

A new button has been added in this update. The button is called “Advanced Insert/Edit Image”.

I have noticed an issue when I add a new button to this plugin. Currently, in order to see the new button, you must click the “Reset Buttons” button, to the right of the drag and drop panel.

So, first export your plugin settings. Then, click the “Restore Buttons” button. Lastly, import the settings you just exported.

This method is obviously not very user-friendly. I will certainly be looking at other options for adding new buttons to the plugin.

Ideas for Future Versions

I began working on a method for selecting multiple buttons (Ctrl + Click), and dragging them as a group to a new row. Some of the code is already in place, but is still not fully functional. I plan on releasing one update per month, so it was important to get this new version released. However, I do plan on having the multiple select drag and drop ability by the next version of the plugin.

I would love to hear YOUR ideas. Now that most of the dust has settled from the update to WordPress 3.9, I can get back to what I enjoy most; Plugin Development. Learned through experience, I know the best ideas come from the users who interact with the plugin on a daily basis.

If you have an idea for a feature request, please visit our Support Forum and create a new topic under “Feature Requests”.

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